Welcome to Diary of a Lost Chef! My name is Judi and I have a long and varied history with food. My mother loved to tell the story of discovering two-year-old me standing on a chair in the kitchen, with a dozen eggs in a cast iron skillet and a pound of bacon on the floor. As dismayed as she was, how could she not smile at my enthusiasm to make “my bekast?” It was from that moment on that my fate was sealed. I had found my passion. I became the kid that made money making the birthday cakes and desserts for my parent’s dinner parties.

Life does have a way of weaving you in and out of your dreams, and like many of you, I became lost. I took the traditional route after high school and went to a 4-year college, but was never fully committed. However, I clung to my cooking chops by feeding anybody that would let me. After my father passed away and my education was up to me, I enrolled in a culinary/restaurant management program and got myself back on track. My inner Chef was found again. Since then I’ve kept my hand in the food business; cooking, selling, planning and teaching.

Getting married and having two beautiful daughters pulled me onto the mommy track. And the chef was temporarily lost again. My passion remained so I kept my hand in the food world. I tried out for Next Food Network Star, I had a couple of bakery businesses and I continued to teach. There’s that Chef again!

They say that “those who can’t teach.” I take issue with that. There is an amazing feeling when you are presenting a recipe or class and you see the wash of understanding and excitement come over your student. So how do I put all these pieces together? I hereby humbly present my blog.

When you come back and I hope you will, every week, I will have new stories, recipes and thoughts to share with you. My favorite thing to do is introduce a recipe that you can prepare three ways, depending on the time you have and the occasion. You may just want to prepare a weeknight dinner for you, but what if you needed to entertain your boss? You could take that same recipe and turn it up a notch with just a couple of extra ingredients. Finally, if you wanted to wow on a Saturday night dinner party, I’ll show you how to really step it up. You can really cook to impress with just a little more time.

I have always loved food history so we’ll have history lessons. I am intrigued by the constantly changing food science news, so we’ll have science lessons. Promise to make it easy for you to understand all the new terms and safety warnings. And of course food trends are always a hot topic, so we’ll talk pop culture. I will let you know what you want to be cooking (and why). Above all I will make it fun. I will make you the star of your own kitchen!

Are you ready for next week’s post? Let’s get to know each other. Go to the RSS tab and subscribe to Diary of a Lost Chef. I will show up in your inbox next week. If you want to talk before then, email me at diaryofalostchef@gmail.com You can tweet me at DiaryLostChef and instagram or facebook me at diaryoflostchef.

People who love to eat are always the best people. –Julia Child

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