My name is Judi and I have a long and varied history with food.
My mother loved to tell the story of discovering two-year-old me standing on a chair in the kitchen, with a dozen eggs in a cast iron skillet and a pound of bacon on the floor.
It was from that moment on that my fate was sealed. I had found my passion. I took the traditional route after high school and went to a 4-year college but after my father passed away and my education was up to me, I enrolled in a culinary/restaurant management program. Since then I’ve kept my hand in the food business; cooking, selling, planning and teaching.

I have done it all in the food business. I worked in kitchens doing everything from salads to baking. I worked in the front of restaurants as a hostess all the way to General Manager. I have been a food wholesaler and a caterer. I have even worked in hotels selling huge conventions and intimate weddings. What can I say I love this business! Once I “retired” to raise my girls, I offered my services as a teacher in any venue I could. That is where I am able to put it all together, love of food and love of teaching.