July Fourth is one of those holidays that you don’t want to show up empty handed if you have been invited to somebody’s home. It’s also a difficult holiday to figure out what you should bring. The obvious watermelon or ice cream sundae fixings seem a little mundane.

Earlier this year I was doing research for another article and came across an idea that I was spot on, Firecracker Strawberries. They are a perfect addition to any gathering. Strawberries are a no brainer this time of year since they are at their peak. What makes them a firecracker is the addition of pop rocks. This is such a fun and easy thing to do with the kids.


Firecracker Strawberries

Wash and dry, completely, at least 2 strawberries per person. I am making 100!

Melt 2 cups (1 bag) white chocolate, or white candy wafers, over a double boiler. If you are using white chocolate chips you will need to add 1 tablespoon Crisco (shortening) per 2 cups of chips. This will help your chocolate melt smooth.

Working quickly, dip each DRY strawberry ¾ way up in melted white chocolate, then dip the tip into blue pop rocks*. Set on wax paper to set completely.

That’s it! You should have the cutest red, white and blue strawberries ever. I found some blue or red, with stars, cupcake liners. I’m going to serve my strawberries from those. Too cute!


*I ordered my pop rocks online, but you can get them at most candy stores like Sweet Factory or Rocket Fizz.